Finally, my big day has arrived. We have finally decided that we should make a serious committment to each other and seal our future with each other.

It wasn’t what I thought it would be, a romantic dinner, stroll by some scenic place or even Paris, or some kind of really showy or big ra-ra show as he calls it. It was simple… deciding that we should spend our lives together, no complex proposal.

Maybe that’s what we both want our lives to be from now on, simple, with as little frills and complications as possible. I hope that comes soon enough for us… living in 2 separate continents isn’t helping us now.

I pray that we will be together in one place soon….


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Quite disappointed. Have a strong feeling of being short-changed by my previous company. Just wonder why I bothered to work so hard and then I do not receive my full year of incentive.

Folks may say, money is money and that it can be earned back. But so much hard work, and no reward, is just downright disappointing, especially when it was all down to interpretation of wordings…

Doesn’t help that my personal finances are in a royal mess as well. Just makes me feel worse.

So now, where do I go from here?

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Flight trouble and I

For the 3rd time this year, make that four, I’ve ran into problems with my flights again.

  1. Missed my flight from Brisbane to Sydney because I was 3 mins too late and I had check-in luggage in June.
  2. Missed my flight again from Denver to Minneapolis, again, because we were late for check-in and waited a good 7 h0urs before we made it to the next available flight to MN. Bad weather in Chicago delayed the 2 flights after our scheduled flight.
  3. For once, we made it the airport with time to spare, but guess what, flight from Paris to London was cancelled due to bad weather in Heathrow. Okay, not my fault this time…
  4. We were put onto a flight to London at 9.20am the next day. But we missed this flight. why? Couldn’t get out of bed ontime, coupled with slow airport shuttle…  Took the 10.20 flight instead.

Exciting, isn’t it? Okay now,  to get that compensation for flight cancellation from my insurance company.

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Off again… to UK

Seems like I have been travelling a whole lot this year, whether it has been for pleasure, family or work….

I am heading to Brighton again. This time, for my cousin’s wedding… I will be the sole representative of the cousins when I head there. How exciting…. I will be only in Brighton for the wedding before heading off to London. Finally, I will get to see more of the UK, besides Brighton. This would be a proper break from work, since June when I went to Brissy and Sydney for a holiday. Hopefully I come back re-energised to take the world again….

Till then…

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It is the time of the year again, when I receive many many many wedding invitations from relatives, close friends, long-lost friends (now how did they manage to get my address?). While I dread receiving that red “bomb”, I am somewhat filled with envy.

Best friends, close friends, childhood friends, ex-boyfriends, are taking turns to get married. And I am happy for them, that they have found the person whom they want to spend the rest of their lifetimes with and willing to take that step to be legally bound to each other, to be recognised in the eyes of the law, to proclaim their love for each other. I think, it takes alot to take that giant leap.

Having been in previous relationships that lasted for almost 3 years each, I wonder where my life is taking me to. Sometimes, I wonder what happened to us. We had invested 3 years of our lives together, only to realise, maybe this is not right for me, for you. Yet in those 3 years, you have grown accustomed to each other, not willing to forgo that familarity and time already invested. But is this the way to go? Maybe not.

I hope the new journey I’m embarking on, will take me somewhere, where finally, I can truly say, yes, you are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. And that happiness and love is not out of my reach…

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Oooo… Kueh Lapis

I have been indulging in kueh lapis since Saturday when I bought kueh lapis for friends and myself. Discovered this shop called the Kueh Lapis Shop in Siglap, along burntfoot terrace by chance when I had lunch with my aunt in the area. Thought I gave the lapis a try….

Ooo… I miss eating kueh lapis, but I tell you, each piece is savoured but taken with so much guilt. Every piece I put into my mouth, is almost $2 a piece…. So much time and effort to make kueh lapis and it is gone in seconds… But I just can’t resist… *slurp*

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Congratulations, Junyang on making it to the shortlist…

Congratulations to Junyang on being shortlisted for the

Bodegas Torres Wine Scholarship

WGS 2007Awards of Excellence Scholarships

Now to clear that exam and interview. I am sure you will ace both. When that happens, we will pop the champagne!!!

For now, ALL THE BEST!!

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