I am Singaporean… So say we all…

July 9, 2006 at 5:25 am Leave a comment

Inspired by mrbrown.com

I am the first 80’s kid from my family.

I have a French name, but I am not French.

I walked around barefoot in school when it was raining, as the water flooded into our classrooms.

I belong to the jiak-kentang group, the Speak Mandarin campaign kicked off, and I still can’t write in Chinese.

I had to sit for the primary school streaming exams twice in 2 years; my batch was the first to have EM1, EM2 and EM3.

I did the safe route and went to junior college and then to NUS.

I struggle to find my footing at my workplace after being sheltered through my life.

I stayed in a HDB 5-room flat during my early years, upgraded with my family to private housing, but we went back to a HDB when property prices skydived during the financial crisis.

My former residence, Kensington Park is 5 mins walk from Chomp Chomp, but we were part of Marine Parade.

I remember the days when I cheered for the Singapore Team while we were still in the Malaysia Cup and cried when we won afterwhich we were kicked out.

We are closer to Goal 2010 than we realized; Shamsul Maidin was referee at the World Cup 2006.

I am the red dot in the sea of green, yet I am still out of place with other Chinese.

My nickname is Mysii from my days of gaming.

My real name is Deneuve Tan and I am a Singaporean…

So say we all.


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