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It is the time of the year again, when I receive many many many wedding invitations from relatives, close friends, long-lost friends (now how did they manage to get my address?). While I dread receiving that red “bomb”, I am somewhat filled with envy.

Best friends, close friends, childhood friends, ex-boyfriends, are taking turns to get married. And I am happy for them, that they have found the person whom they want to spend the rest of their lifetimes with and willing to take that step to be legally bound to each other, to be recognised in the eyes of the law, to proclaim their love for each other. I think, it takes alot to take that giant leap.

Having been in previous relationships that lasted for almost 3 years each, I wonder where my life is taking me to. Sometimes, I wonder what happened to us. We had invested 3 years of our lives together, only to realise, maybe this is not right for me, for you. Yet in those 3 years, you have grown accustomed to each other, not willing to forgo that familarity and time already invested. But is this the way to go? Maybe not.

I hope the new journey I’m embarking on, will take me somewhere, where finally, I can truly say, yes, you are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. And that happiness and love is not out of my reach…


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